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What is the treatment philosophy of Momentum Physical Therapy & Wellness? What type of care should I expect to receive?


Your physical therapy at Momentum will be specifically related to your condition. A thorough evaluation will be performed with answers provided on your first visit. Each subsequent visit, you will receive new exercises or an advanced version of the current exercises you are performing. Exercises are the tools that repair and restore movement and strength. You should expect specific, targeted, exercises to address your individual issues. There are literally hundreds of exercises for painful conditions and each exercise has several versions.


You will never receive a generic one-size-fits-all exercise program for low back pain or for any other diagnosis that is non-surgical. For example, if I see three new low back patients in one day, these three patients present differently even though they all have a diagnosis of low back pain. The exercise programs for these three patients will not be the same. If I have four or five new back patients in one day only then may an exercise program begin to duplicate. The repetitions or specific techniques to perform; however, will not be the same.


How long will I need to come to physical therapy?


A high percentage of non-surgical patients only need twice a week physical therapy. Others who have had a traumatic injury from a fall, car or work accident improve best with three times a week. Recovery can happen as quickly as three weeks. Six to eight weeks is the norm. Three months and beyond are for patients who have had a significant injury, extensive weakness in several muscle groups, or post-surgical recovery.

What if you don’t take my insurance?


Momentum Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC is in-network with most major insurance plans and has private pay rates. We will inform you of your rates if you are out-of-network. We understand the balance of healthcare costs and the importance of getting pain relief. Our physical therapy treatments are based on what you need and your payment options can be tailored to suit your needs.


Call us today for a complimentary verification of your insurance plan for our physical therapy services.