Beth Andrews had the idea to open her own physical therapy practice when she was providing pain relief and recovery for some of the most complicated cases. She knew the time was right to open her own practice when she started helping patients avoid surgery. Momentum Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC on Long Point Rd. in Mt. Pleasant, SC opened for business June 2018.

Beth sees all types of diagnoses that need relief from pain. The top five pain conditions she sees are Low Back and Neck pain with or without Radiculopathy (pain into the leg or arm), Shoulder, Knee, and all types of Foot pain including Plantarfascitis.

We also handle recovery from surgery such as Joint Replacement, Fracture Repairs or Rotator Cuff Repairs. Our exercise techniques effectively restore your joint’s ability to move again without provoking you with unnecessary increased pain and soreness during your recovery.




“I want to thank Beth Andrews for her patience and professionalism in treating my hip pain. Her knowledge of back issues was very important in selecting the appropriate exercises to improve both, and aggravate neither. I now have a repertoire of exercises to do at home to maintain strength in both the hips and core. Thanks Beth!!”

-Cindy B.