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We are located across from Seacoast Church in Long Point Office Park. We are the last building on the right. Please enter through the back and take either the elevator or stairs to the second floor, suite 406.


721 Long Point Rd. Suite 406

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

If you need assistance with directions call us at 

(843) 352-7800


Tel: 843-352-7800   Fax: 843-352-7818

721 Long Point Road | Suite 406

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

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"After struggling for a couple of months with lower back pain, I asked my doctor to prescribe PT, and he said Beth Andrews was his first choice for such problems. After patiently analyzing my confounding issue, she hit upon the right activities to strengthen my hips and core, and sure enough, I was back out on the tennis court playing without pain. Thanks, Momentum and Beth!"

- Mike W.

“I want to thank Beth Andrews for her patience and professionalism in treating my hip pain. Her knowledge of back issues was very important in selecting the appropriate exercises to improve both, and aggravate neither. I now have a repertoire of exercises to do at home to maintain strength in both the hips and core. Thanks Beth!!”

- Cindy B.

"Momentum has exceeded all of my expectations. Never thought I would be relieved of my back pain. This Lady is not only the Greatest, SHE is the BEST… keep up the Great work and your ability to make your patients comfortable and wanted. Your ability is amazing- you exceeded all of my expectations."

- Richard D.

Please call to schedule an appointment:

721 Long Point Road, Suite 406

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Tel: 843-352-7800

Fax: 843-352-7818

Please call to schedule an appointment between the hours of:

Mon - Thur: 10am - 2pm

Fri: 10am - 12pm

(Online scheduling coming soon!) 


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