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Thank You, Friends of Momentum

June of 2022 is the four-year anniversary of Momentum Physical Therapy & Wellness. It’s hard to believe four years have passed since seeing our first patient. When we first opened, it was obvious we were going to be a PT Clinic. But what would it look like exactly and who would we see?

We have amazed ourselves and exceeded our own expectations which means we have a lot of people to thank. The first person to thank is my husband, Cal Andrews. Cal has never had a negative word toward any project or goal I set in front of me. He is in sales, and he spent many conversations in the months prior to opening teaching me how to launch a new idea. While in the car or every time we went out to eat and waited on our food to be served, he drilled me in the principles of how to be respectful of

other’s time while delivering a great message. I appreciate multiple physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners for giving a new business a chance. We are here because you gave us the opportunity. Later on, friends of Momentum and word of

mouth recommendations started to grow. We are grateful for everyone who spread the word on how we help people get out of pain. And to our patients, we extend a big thanks to you. Thank you for believing in us, following the exercise recommendations and sticking with the plan until you healed, recovered and returned to your normal

life. You are awesome to work with, and we appreciate each of you.

We are growing, and it’s you we thank for the growth. We are going to reach more and more people with our brand of PT because it works. Many people are capturing full recovery from significant pain. And those who have dealt with years of long-term pain are putting in the work and see those painful years in the rearview mirror.

This has been a special time for us. I could not have captured a clear image of where we were going when I opened on that first day, and we are happy to have this view. We now know who we are, where we want to go, and look forward to what the next four years will bring. And to end with the final thank you for now and my favorite Methodist saying,

“Thanks be to God.”

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